MORSE is a textile creation studio with a passion for artisanal wool felt.

MORSE develops its own collections and crafts unique pieces, limited editions or bespoke creations in collaboration with design agencies, architect practices and set designers.

MORSE has been created with two heads ideas and four hands:

Elisabeth Berthon, a felt maker, fashion designer, daring, resolute and spontaneous.

Chloé Lecoup, a felt maker, textile designer, perfectionist, reflective and contemplative.

Today, Elisabeth Berthon is convinced that it is necessary, in today’s world, to reassert the value of natural fibre textiles and to prioritise production methods on a human scale. Both in Textile Design field: Morse Felt Studio and Fashion: Lola Bastille.

With the desire to popularize a still undervalued material and to grow from new encounters and experiences, MORSE felt studio is constantly on the lookout for projects and partnerships in harmony with its values.