Working in the Atelier – Artisanal wool felt





Artisanal wool felt is not boiled wool, it is not baize and it is not industrial felt.

This nonwoven cloth is made from natural animal fibres which form indissoluble and irreversible bonds during the production process. MORSE makes this material in France, in its workshop.

Depending on the type of fibre and the techniques used, the felt varies in suppleness and rigidity, lightness and density, transparency and opacity, rusticity and refinement. MORSE produces it in a multitude of textures, shades, motifs and shapes.

Felt is a durable, renewable and biodegradable textile. An excellent insulator of heat and sound, it is also anti-static, non-allergenic, self-extinguishing, a controller of humidity and absorber of pollutants. It has intrinsic properties which help to maintain a healthy interior that is pleasant to live in.

It is a natural material that combines aesthetics and comfort but its huge potential has not yet been fully realised. However, its various qualities place it at the heart of debate about the contemporary habitat.